lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

I lavoratori non sono merce!

On Saturday 19 jan, National Resistance & ACN/AKN activists made a symbolic action to remind all citizens what would happen if you continue to equate the work, the workers, as a commodity!
It’s impossible to deny that Italy has fallen into a vicious circle made of relocations and closures, mass unemployment, precarity and job insecurity, with the layoffs of millions of workers, people who are expelled from the economic system without mercy!
This situation is worsened significantly by the presence of an inadequate and discriminatory system of Welfare (currently unemployment benefits only covers less than 25% of former employees).
"It 's the global economy," they tell us, as if all this is inevitable, but, despite the evidence of this resounding failure, no one questions the criminal socio-economic model prevalent today!
But how far you can get going on this road? Where we will end up in the name of this dictatorial economic system?
Capitalist globalization in the past 20 years have produced a crude worsening of working conditions in European countries: they call it 'flexibility', but in reality it is just exploitation!
Following this, the worker has become, in effect, nothing more and nothing less than a 'commodity', without dignity and with a fixed price (the lowest possible) that, like other objects, can be expected to be scrapped as a product or to be eliminated for profit reasons, like a broken chair or a tool!
This is happening: when the One God of the Market demands the workers are treated as JUNK, objects discarded as waste!
One day soon, we will see in the streets dedicated bins where capitalists can throw, such as dirt, the worker that is no longer useful?


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