giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

USA: guardie armate negli uffici di collocamento!

Siamo a questo punto: nell'Indiana (USA) gli uffici di collocamento sono protetti da guardie armate! Un altro bel risultato raggiunto dal Capitalismo globale, no?
Non ci stupirebbe di vedere molto presto simili amenità anche qua in Europa, visto che i nostri 'governanti' si ostinano a seguire scriteriatamente le criminali logiche neoliberiste e turbocapitaliste che stanno distruggendo le vite di milioni di non-privilegiati!

INDIANAPOLIS -- Armed security guards will be on hand at 36 unemployment offices around Indiana in what state officials said is a step to improve safety and make branch security more consistent.
No specific incidents prompted the action, Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter told 6News' Norman Cox.
Lotter said the agency is merely being cautious with the approach of an early-December deadline when thousands of Indiana residents could see their unemployment benefits end after exhausting the maximum 99 weeks provided through multiple federal extension periods. "Given the upcoming expiration of the federal extensions and the increased stress on some of the unemployed, we thought added security would provide an extra level of protection for our employees and clients," he said.
Some offices have had guards for nearly two years but those guards were hired on a regional basis, meaning some offices had armed guards while others did not, Lotter said.
Lotter said state employees in the affected offices have also recently gone through stress-management training in which they learn how to respond appropriately to angry clients.
"This is a stressful time for people in the economy," he said. "That's why we're not only taking this step (of hiring guards), but we're also increasing our training for our staff to be able to help people as they're trying to cope with these changes."


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